NJ Security Guard Companies

NJ Security Guard Companies

LADD Security Management Consultant, Inc. was founded on the principles of providing quality and effective security solutions to all businesses

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services LADD provides uniformed guarding services to the private and public sector. Our guards are trained and experienced

Private Investigator

Private Investigator

LADD Security offers a full range of insurance fraud investigation services and specialize in car insurance scams and workers compensation fraud.

What Our Customers are Saying

LADD is a Problem Solver

“LADD Security is a problem solver. a doctor to my properties!”

Edward Haple

Partner of Cahn Estates

We Recommend LADD

“Ladd Security offered the NJ Cardinals an economical, efficient and effective security alternative. We recommend LADD Security!”

Tony Torre

VP/GM of NJ Cardinals

Real Security by LADD

“Real security by real people!”

Mike Adams

Union City Police Department) of NJ Foundation for the Blind