LADD Security Management Consultant, Inc. was founded on the principles of providing quality and effective security solutions to all businesses and markets in New Jersey. Robert Licata (a retired police officer), President & CEO, theorized the beginning of what has become LADD.

Business owners and landlords requested private services to better protect their assets and properties. LADD, created by Mr. Licata in 1987, has since grown into a full service security company.

LADD has Experience

The reputation of LADD is critical to the stability and growth of the company. We exceed in character and consistently develop the most effective ways of serving our clients. Client relations are our number one priority and our service demonstrates that we meet and exceed expectations.

Though smaller than most nationally recognized security firms, LADD provides small business attention with big business solutions. We know each of our clients and understand the importance of serving every need, question and emergency. We feel that building business one client at a time allows us to truly get to know our client. Strength is demonstrated by the ability to serve clients, not the size of one’s company.